How the grant works:

New farmers complete 480 hours of on farm training that includes:

  • On farm training with master farmers
  • Monthly workshops in hydroponics, marketing, accounting and business planning.


A peer to peer mentoring program allowing novice farmers to shadow and learn from more experienced/established farmers is established working with five farmers per year for three years

A culturally adapted training curriculum for Hydroponic system users with field experience

Community Education awareness about the nutrition and health benefits of hydroponic produce.

Mentor Farmers are assisted in the expansion of their farms in exchange for their time

New Farmers, who successfully complete all training requirements, are assisted in the start-up of their farm and will receive continued support from mentor farmers to ensure the success of their farms.


Project Outcomes will be accomplished in this 3-year project:

Outcome 1: By end of year 3, build capacity of novice local farmers through training and education in hydroponic systems and expanding small businesses of three established farmers.

Outcome 2: By end of Year 3, increase the supply of locally produced vegetables to food distribution networks including school lunch, approved WIC venders, local retail outlets and assistance programs for very, very low income families.

Outcome 3: By end of Year 3, increase the number of youth and adults completing 120 hours of job-training and skills development in Hydroponics technology to develop, support and sustain a community-based local food system.

How this project will help the American Samoan community:

  • Reduce the prevalence of non-communicable diseases in American Samoa by increasing the supply of healthy foods produced by local farmers using hydroponic technology.
  • Support the development of entrepreneurial projects and develop new resources and strategies to help reduce food insecurity in our community.
  • Increase our self-reliance and food productions.
  • Community education to ensure that our island population is well educated and properly informed about the health benefits of food produces using hydroponics.

Program Description

Pacific Youth and Community Development has been awarded a USDA funded grant to run a 3-year program to strengthen and develop the capacity of local hydroponic farming. This project is designed to rely on the knowledge of the local farmers as mentors to those interested in starting their own hydroponic farm.

The goal is to create a community of hydroponic farmers who can supply to local markets, expand their earning capacity, and to foster a farming community that supports itself through strong connections and the sharing of knowledge and resources.

​American Samoa Community Hydroponics Development Program

​Project Manager:

Brooke Gurr


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